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Canada: Canada Domestic and International Postal Rates and Fees 1870-1999 has been issued. The price is US$24.95, plus shipping. Ordering information.

Great Britain: Great Britain Postal Rates 1871-1999 has been issued. The price is US$24.95, plus shipping. Ordering information.
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United States: The Wawrukiewicz & Beecher "Domestic" (Revised, Second Edition) and "International" rate books are in stock, both hardbound and softbound. These are absolutely "must have" books for all collectors of U.S. covers and postal history. Ordering information and link to important errata.

Canada Airmails: Two extremely useful books that offer a great deal of new and very helpful information.

Germany: The second edition has been released of an outstanding and important new book that will be extremely valuable to all collectors of German covers.

Scandinavian Countries: Most of the Scandinavian countries are represented, including all the in-print books and some now out of print. (We hope to add some Finland titles soon; all are currently out of print.)
Postal Rate Book Price List & Links to Rate News Articles.  
Our postal rate book price list includes both our own publications and other publications which we believe will be of interest to postal rate and postal history collectors. We are actively working on adding more titles; bookmark the price list and check it regularly.  
Automatic Notification of Changes to this Website  
Automatic Notification of Changes to this Website
Whenever important changes are made to this website we will send you an email to let you know. This is the best way to find out about corrections and updates to the rate books, as well as newly available rate books.
Future Publications  
The next publication expected is Germany; we hope for release in late spring 2002. Work is progressing on the Scandinavian countries. We are also involved in preliminary work on Australia, Ireland, and the Netherlands and welcome assistance.  
Covers Wanted  
Worldwide-Postal-Rates.com is always interested in buying "postal rate covers." U.S., Canada, GB, and the rest of the world, we buy it all. We are especially interested in buying Scandinavian covers. We buy covers right up to "yesterday's mail," from all countries, including large covers, parcel fronts, you name it! If you have postally used covers for sale, let us know. The larger the lot the better. No FDCs or philatelic-made covers, please.  
Information and Assistance is Needed  
Information and assistance is needed for the postal rates of a number of countries. We are always interested in working with authors and contributors on "new" countries. If you have special knowledge or access to information (such as philatelic libraries, postal museums, and postal archives outside of the United States) we are very much interested in corresponding with you, even if you are not interested in becoming an author yourself. We are also seeking suggestions for books to be offered on the site, as well as journal articles which would be suitable for "reprinting" (with permission) on the site.  
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Future Books:
We are looking forward to new work on Scandinavian postal rate titles.
Covers for Sale:
Coming soon; offers of world wide covers showing interesting postal rates.
Covers Wanted:
We are always interested in buying collections and lots of covers.
What are postal rate covers and why should I collect them? An introduction to collecting rate covers.
Authors Wanted: Join us and share your knowledge. Read how you you can help.

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