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We Want To Buy Covers  
Worldwide-Postal-Rates.com is always interested in buying "postal rate covers." U.S., Canada, GB, and the rest of the world, we buy it all. We buy covers right up to "yesterday's mail," from all countries, including large covers, parcel fronts, you name it! If you have postally used covers for sale, let us know. The larger the lot the better.  
What About Other Types of Covers?  
About the only type of covers that we prefer not to buy are first day covers and other philatelic-made covers. For example, commemorative cancel covers, etc. Certainly there are many valuable covers created by collectors for collectors and, yes, we do buy them. However, our main focus is on covers that show postage rates & fees in action. We generally avoid covers that have window envelopes (unless the contents are included) and covers that are larger than necessary for the postage rate; for example a single weight cover in a large envelope is not as desirable as the same rate on a small envelope.  
What Does "Yesterday's Mail" Mean?  
Simple: The kind of covers that you receive in the mail, from anywhere, to anywhere. Yes, we do buy covers from yesterday's. And the yesterdays of last month, last year, and last decade. There is value in these covers; maybe not a lot of value, but we do buy this material. We have yet to encounter a lot that was too large!  
Scandinavian Covers  
One of our greatest interests is in Scandinavian covers as you might expect from Jay Smith, one of the largest Scandinavian specialist dealers outside of the Scandinavian countries. All time periods, all types.  
What About Large Covers?  
Our philosophy is that large covers are perfectly collectible if the size is large because it was necessary for the postage rate. For example, book mail rates are not going to be found on small neat envelopes! Of course, the reality is that most collectors do not (yet!) appreciate the rarity of such covers (how many have you saved?) and choose not to collect them because they are awkward to store and exhibit. As a result, they may not be particularly valuable. However, if you and we do not save them for posterity, who will? Send them to us!  
We are especially interested in buying Scandinavian covers.
Have a question about covers you want to sell? Ask us!
Large covers are covers too! We buy it all: small or large.
Collections, dealer stocks, and just plain boxes of covers, we buy it all.
German covers wanted. What do you have to offer?
If you don't beleive that we buy yesterday's mail, consider this: for the last few years we have purchased 1000 kilos of Swedish covers per year.

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