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NO COVERS TODAY: At this moment, the cover listing descriptions are still being written, but it won't be long before there are lots of covers listed here. Please come back soon and regularly. New covers will be added often; we have thousands waiting to be put on. Thank you for your patience. Look through the site, send in your comments, and take a look at the postal rate books. Come back soon.
Covers Wanted:
Worldwide-Postal-Rates.com is always interested in buying "postal rate covers." U.S., Canada, GB, and the rest of the world, we buy it all. We are especially interested in buying Scandinavian covers. We buy covers right up to "yesterday's mail," from all countries, including large covers, parcel fronts, you name it! If you have postally used covers for sale, let us know. The larger the lot the better. No FDCs or philatelic-made covers, please.
About Postal Rate Covers
"Postal rate covers" focus on the postal rate aspect of the usage, but can still have different meanings for different collectors. One person may collect only one example of each service, weight class, and destination within a rate period, regardless of which stamp or stamps are used to frank the covers. Another collector will be interested in examples of many different rates and frankings or combinations of stamps for a particular (usually definitive) stamp issue. Yet another person will seek solo usage examples of every different stamp, effectively collecting stamps on cover, instead of mint or used. Still another philatelist will seek only covers representing a particular service (such as registered mail) or covers to particular destinations.

To accommodate all types of collectors and collections, the rate covers we offer are of all types. They are organized according to postal service, destination, etc. per the postal rate charts most often used for the covers of that country. However, where it seems significant, we have indicated the postmarks, destinations, censorship, thematic interest, etc. of all covers listed. For this reason, regardless of your particular interest in covers, you will do well to browse all the offerings. (In time we will be adding enhanced search functions to make this easier.)

Cover & Franking Definitions
Solo Franking Single stamp paying the entire amount of postage rate(s) and fee(s). Sometimes also referred to as "rate usage".
Component Franking Multiple stamps, each of which exactly pays the specific portions of the rate(s) and fee(s). Example: 14 cent total paid by 4 and 10 cent stamps, representing a 4 cent postal rate and a 10 registry fee.
Mixed Franking Meaning varies. Among collectors of specific definitive issues, refers to a mix of values within that definitive issue. However, to many others it means a mix of stamps from different issues. It is also commonly used to refer to covers bearing stamps of more than one country, an uncommon situation.
Subsequent Solo Usage Solo (or "rate") usage of a stamp, but in a time period later than that of the original intended use of the stamp. Example: When first issued a 5 penny stamp was intended for the first class domestic letter rate. However, as rates rose, the stamp later became useful for the printed papers overseas rate. In cases of definitive stamps, which often continue in distribution for many years, there can be many such perfectly legitimate rates. If a stamp (such as a commemorative issue) has not continued in distribution, then such subsequent usage is still legitimate, but less well regarded.

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