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Links of Interest to Postal Rate Collectors
Official Post Office Postal Rate Sites
Many post offices have complex sites in which postal rate information is "presented dynamically". In such cases, these links may, by necessity, be the main URL of the postal site. You may have to navigate extensively to locate postal rate information. Not all post office sites are in English.

Societies, Clubs, Publications, and Organizations
That emphasize or include postal rates interests and coverage.

Who specialize in postal rates and related postal history.

Who have some specialization or emphasis in postal rate covers.

General Philatelic Links General philatelic sites that contain information of interest for postal rate and postal history collectors.

Your help is needed. The link information can only be built with the assistance of volunteers. This listing is just starting out, thus we need lots of help to add links. If you know of societies, dealers, post office, or collector links, please email them to us. Appropriateness of all links will be checked prior to insertion. With your help, this listing can become very useful.

Collectors: Link your email address! If you are a collector with an interest in postal rates and would like to correspond with like-minded collectors, please supply your email address. You must also specify your interests (i.e. the countries and/or time periods or type of mail that you collect).

Dealers: Link your email address and/or website! If you are a dealer who offers postal history with an emphasis on postal rates, send your email address and website URL. You must also specify the range of your stock (i.e. the countries and/or time periods or type of mail that you sell). You must also be willing to place a reciprocal link on your website.

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